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Ad Astra Per Aspera | To the Stars through Difficulties

Ad Astra Per Aspera | To the Stars through Difficulties

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Male Factor Assessment

Semen Analysis Instructions

  1. Appointments must be made for all semen testing. Please pick up a container from the Astra Fertility Clinic reception if you are collecting your sample at home.
  2. The recommended abstinence is 2-3 days and no longer than 7 days.
  3. Wash and dry your hands before the sample collection.
  4. Collect the semen by masturbation into a container provided/approved by the Astra Clinic. If you miss any portion of it, write on the form or inform our Lab. Open the container lid just before collection and close it tightly afterwards. Keep the container upright, enclose in the plastic bag, covered with a clean paper towel, and keep it close to your body during transport.
  5. DO NOT USE saliva, an unapproved container, a condom or soap. These may harm the sperm.
  6. If collecting the sample at home, keep the sample warm during the transport.
  7. Bring the sample and the form to the lab as soon as possible, no more than 60 minutes after collection.
  8. If you have any questions, call 905-949-6999 and ask for the Lab.

Advanced Sperm Testing Instructions

This would include a sperm DNA fragmentation assay (which correlates well with the ability of sperm to fertilize eggs), antisperm antibodies (direct and indirect), Strict Morphology, and a trial wash. These tests are not covered by OHIP; however, they give valuable information in the management of a couple’s fertility issues.

To perform these tests, a sperm sample needs to be delivered to the lab. Indirect antisperm antibodies require obtaining a blood sample from the female partner at the time of providing the semen analysis.

Please call our reception to organize these tests and notify your nurse of when the test was performed to ensure timely follow up of the results.

Please refer to Sperm collection instructions for further details on the method of collection.

Sperm Freezing Instructions for ART BACK UP or Fertility Preservation

Men with very low counts are advised to freeze sperm samples as a backup before proceeding with IVF treatment for fear of having no sperm on the day of egg collection, which would endanger the entire cycle outcome.

Sperm freezing is also used to preserve fertility for men about to undergo chemotherapy or castration for testicular tumors.

Screening blood work is required before sperm freezing. Dropping a sample every 2 days for a total of 3-6 samples, depending on sperm concentration, is usually advised for fertility preservation patients.

Be aware that there are cryopreservation and storage fees, as the service is not covered by OHIP.

TESE or PESA Instructions

Sperm sometimes has to be obtained directly from the testicle or epididymis and then used for ICSI as part of the In Vitro Fertilization process. Usually, obtained samples are frozen as a prerequisite for starting IVF ovarian stimulation. Success rates for frozen sperm are equal to those of freshly collected sperm.

The procedure requires local anaesthesia and takes about 15-20 minutes.

You can drive after the procedure.

You are required to avoid heavy lifting and other vigorous activity for 5-7 days.

Please call the clinic if you have any scrotal redness, fever, swelling or worsening pain.