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Ad Astra Per Aspera | To the Stars through Difficulties

Ad Astra Per Aspera | To the Stars through Difficulties

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Committed to Excellence &
Compassion in Fertility Treatments

Welcome to Astra Fertility Clinic

Astra Fertility Group is one of the best fertility clinics in Ontario. The highest pregnancy success rates and the highest standard of patient care are the keys to our success. We are here to help you to fulfill your dream family.  Dr. Essam Michael, the founder of the Astra Fertility Group is here with our highly experienced team of doctors to guide you through your journey.

The Mission of Astra Fertility Group

“Our mission is to offer safe, compassionate, and appropriate state of the art fertility treatment that is easily accessible and affordable to all patients.”

What Sets Us Apart

All individuals are naturally born with all reproductive requirements and most do not require medical help to conceive. It is often just a matter of time before pregnancy can be achieved. At Astra, we approach our fertility patients with a totally different philosophy and mindset than most others, as we are committed to identifying the root cause of your fertility issues with a focus on restoring your natural fertility potential before resorting to assisted Reproductive Treatment (ART), which includes IUI and IVF. Most patients will achieve success without or at least have better success when abnormalities are corrected before commencing ART.

Other facilities’ approach to your management is often totally different from ours. From the outset, they aim to classify your flow through the clinic by identifying whether you are a candidate for IUI or IVF, rather than exhausting investigative and treatment tools before resorting to ART. Without prioritizing an accurate diagnosis for your infertility, many observed abnormalities are frequently missed or even dismissed. Treatments like IVF and IUI – while valid and necessary treatment options for some patients – are often selected too quickly, therefore overlooking the core fertility problem, instead of directly addressing it.

We do not easily and hastily label our patients with the diagnosis of “unexplained infertility”.

With an accurate diagnosis at heart, and in line with the above philosophy, we are unique in that we provide a comprehensive male factor assessment and treatment program which utilizes in-house urology services, which avoids omissions and delays in treating the male partner. We are also unique in that we have a fully equipped, in house, state-of-the-art operating room that allows us to offer you expert reproductive surgery to manage and reverse pathologies that cause infertility.

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Words cannot even express how thankful we are with Astra Fertility and its staff for all their great help and kindness.

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Accreditation Matters

Accreditation Canada guides patients and its clients to reach standards of excellence. Organizations that participate in the accreditation program benefit from a thorough assessment that leads to an action plan for improving every aspect of the health care and services delivered. By evaluating the quality of care and service we provide, Astra Fertility Group is able to accurately measure our clinical and operational performance, giving us a clear picture of our strengths and areas to be improved. Accreditation provides organizations with a means of transparency and public accountability.

Here at Astra Fertility Group, we are proud to be fully accredited by Accreditation Canada!

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