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Ad Astra Per Aspera | To the Stars through Difficulties

Ad Astra Per Aspera | To the Stars through Difficulties

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Contact Us

Contact Us

To book an appointment, please send or request your family doctor to e-mail or fax a referral directly to one of our locations. You can also make your own referral directly by e-mail or call us. You may also reach us at our toll-free number at 1-866 96 ASTRA (27872).

  • E-mail: info@astrafertility.com

In case of emergency, you may contact the pager between 4:30 pm – 9:00 pm seven days a week including holidays @ 416.508.9814.

Please send your comments by e-mail or, by completing our patient evaluation form, or by filling and returning feedback forms handed out by your nurse or mailed to you.

Office Hours:

Weekdays: All clinics between 6:30 am to 3:30 pm.
Weekends and Holidays: Mississauga location only between 7:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Reception/Ultrasound Staff

Please dial (0) to skip the directory message and get to the receptionist directly.

Clinics Phone Fax Email
Mississauga Location 905.949.6999 905.949.6908 reception.miss@astrafertility.com
Brampton Location 905.451.4333 905.451.4324 reception.bram@astrafertility.com
Milton Location 905.693.1193 905.693.1550 reception.milton@astrafertility.com
Bolton Location 905.857.1988 905.857.1882 receptionbolton@astrafertility.com
Belleville Location 613.962.7999 613-967-1990 receptionbelleville@astrafertility.com
Clinics: Mississauga Location
Phone: 905.949.6999
Fax: 905.949.6908
Email: reception.miss@astrafertility.com
Clinics: Brampton Location
Phone: 905.451.4333
Fax: 905.451.4324
Email: reception.bram@astrafertility.com
Clinics: Milton Location
Phone: 905.693.1193
Fax: 905.693.1550
Email: reception.milton@astrafertility.com
Clinics: Bolton Location
Phone: 905.857.1988
Fax: 905.857.1882
Email: receptionbolton@astrafertility.com
Clinics: Belleville Location
Phone: 613.962.7999
Fax: 613-967-1990
Email: receptionbelleville@astrafertility.com
Patient Relations and Human Resources
Phone EXT Email
Human Resources Manager 905.272.3776 432 amritb@astrafertility.com
Human Resources Manager
Phone: 905.272.3776
EXT: 432
Nursing Contact Information
Phone EXT Email
IVF Patients: 905.949.6999 302 ivf@astrafertility.com
Mississauga Clinic: 905.949.6999 314 nursemississauga@astrafertility.com
Brampton Clinic: 905.451.4333 106 nursebrampton@astrafertility.com
Milton Clinic: 905.693.1193 201 nursemilton@astrafertility.com
Bolton Clinic: 905.857.1988 500 nursebolton@astrafertility.com
Belleville Clinic: 613.962.7999 500 nursebelleville@astrafertility.com
IVF Patients
Phone: 905.949.6999
EXT: 302
Email: nursebrampton@astrafertility.com
Mississauga Clinic:
Phone: 905.949.6999
EXT: 314
Email: nursemississauga@astrafertility.com
Brampton Clinic:
Phone: 905.451.4333
EXT: 106
Email: nursebrampton@astrafertility.com
Milton Clinic:
Phone: 905.693.1193
EXT: 201
Email: nursemilton@astrafertility.com
Bolton Clinic:
Phone: 905.857.1988
Email: nursebolton@astrafertility.com
Belleville Clinic:
Phone: 613.962.7999
Email: nursebelleville@astrafertility.com
General Contact
Phone EXT Email
Surgery Bookings: 905.272.3776 429 karen@astrafertility.com
General Manager: 905.272.3776 428 admin@astrafertility.com
Embryology Laboratory Director: 905.949.6999 307 embryology@astrafertility.com
IVF Patients: 905.949-6999 302 ivf@astrafertility.com
Ultrasound: 905.949.6999 1 ultrasound@astrafertility.com
Andrology: 905.272.3776 427 andrology@astrafertility.com
Surgery Bookings:
Phone: 905.272.3776
EXT: 429
Email: karen@astrafertility.com
General Manager:
Phone: 905.272.3776
EXT: 428
Email: admin@astrafertility.com
Embryology Laboratory Director:
Phone: 905.949.6999
EXT: 307
Email: embryology@astrafertility.com
IVF Patients:
Phone: 905.949-6999
EXT: 302
Email: ivf@astrafertility.com
Phone: 905.949.6999
Email: ultrasound@astrafertility.com
Phone: 905.272.3776
Email: andrology@astrafertility.com