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Ad Astra Per Aspera | To the Stars through Difficulties

Ad Astra Per Aspera | To the Stars through Difficulties

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Male Factor Management / Treatment

Male Factor Management

Through our patient centered approach, we strive to identify all factors leading to male infertility. Our goal is to selectively choose investigations for an accurate diagnosis. Astra is proud to be one of the few fertility centers with an on-site andrologist to allow for expert urologic assessment in house. This translates to direct access to a urologist for timely diagnosis and treatment.

With on-site laboratory, diagnostic services and advanced sperm testing, time to diagnosis is shortened significantly. The advanced male workup includes, but is not limited to: advanced sperm testing, scrotal and renal ultrasound, genetic testing for karyotype, and Y chromosome deletion and cystic fibrosis screening.

Once an accurate diagnosis is made, we identify the best treatment options and tailor the approach for each individual couple. Hormonal manipulation for optimization of semen analysis parameters is administered by our urologist.

When surgical procedures are necessary, wait time for the surgical procedure is minimal as Astra has a state-of-the-art independent surgical procedure center where our urologist performs all necessary procedures.