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Ad Astra Per Aspera | To the Stars through Difficulties

Ad Astra Per Aspera | To the Stars through Difficulties

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About Astra

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In 2004, Dr. Essam Michael founded the entity, Astra Fertility Group, with the first location in Mississauga, Ontario. The corporation has now grown to five locations including Brampton, Mississauga, Bolton, Milton, and Belleville. Dr. Michael’s vision for the clinics focuses on providing accessible standardized quality care that is centered on providing accurate diagnoses to all fertility patients, steering their management in the right direction to achieve the best possible results with compassion, efficiency, and integrity.

To achieve standardized quality care and to ensure ongoing improvement:

Our patients’ satisfaction and excellent quality of care are our primary focus. We highly value patient feedback regarding the care we provide. We consistently use patient feedback to enhance and improve our services and to tailor our care to meet patient needs and to provide our patients with the highest care standards that they expect.

Our quality care is standardized and maintained across all of our locations to ensure that patients receive the same care regardless of which clinic is visited. All employees function in the same way as their counterpart locations.

We provide constant availability and on demand access to all of our patients. With fertility being as complex as it is, at Astra, we strive to provide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week availability and are always accessible to our patients to answer any questions and to provide any support needed. Our expert care extends to the first 10-12 weeks of your pregnancy to manage early pregnancy problems should complications arise before you are seen by an Obstetrician.

Accurate diagnosis is our core strength. Our unique skillset and resources support our individualized approach in providing the most favourable treatment outcomes to you:

Our philosophy to appropriate fertility care is centered around an accurate diagnosis and the restoration of normal fertility function, rather than bypassing it. Unexplained infertility is not a diagnosis that we accept easily. We always strive to reach an accurate diagnosis. With a complete and holistic workup , followed by appropriately directed treatment, Astra consistently achieves a high rank among the most successful clinics in not only Canada, but in all of North America.

With expert urology services in house, we give male factor infertility the significant attention and care it requires, thus  avoiding omissions and delays in treating the male partner. Up to 40% of infertility causes are related to male factor.

Incorporating surgical options into fertility management has allowed us to diagnose and treat several disorders that would have been otherwise ignored or overlooked, leading to more ART treatment (IUI & IVF) at a much lower and protracted success rate.

Our State-of-the-art Embryology  lab is equipped with the most sophisticated incubators with embryoscopy, time- lapse  embryo monitoring that allows us to identify embryos with higher implantation potential based on  “Embryo Kinetics”. This is a non-invasive, continuous embryo monitoring system that allows us to observe embryo  cleavage speed and pattern without having to remove the embryos from their optimal culture, which can lead to damage.

Again, by focusing on making a true diagnosis, our aim is to significantly cut down on the emotional and financial strain that couples with infertility often endure.

We achieve better success rates and patient satisfaction with compassion, efficiency, and integrity:

We offer efficient and directed treatment to achieve the highest success rates over the shortest amount of time, and with the lowest expenditure per pregnancy. Our fees are based on fair estimates of our operating costs. We do not overwhelm you with unnecessary “ADD ON treatments” that truly do not make any difference in treatment outcome, despite widespread promotion and introduction to treatment protocols in several clinics. Examples of these add on treatments include many supplements and vitamins sold by clinics, routine Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS) on embryos for all patients, and acupuncture and homeopathic medicine. We do not charge cycle monitoring fees or additional fees since the vast majority of your treatment is covered by OHIP and the Ontario Fertility Program.