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infertility clinic Mississauga, Brampton, Bolton, Milton
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Diagnostic Services - Sonohysterography (SHG)
Sonohysterography is a technique developed to better image the uterine cavity. It uses an infusion of sterile saline solution through a soft plastic catheter placed in the cervix in conjunction with transvaginal ultrasound. The saline infusion distends the uterine cavity and provides an excellent contrast to the lining, giving improved visualization of uterine and endometrial pathology. This technique can also be used to assess the fallopian tubes by demonstrating fluid spill into the pelvis. Special techniques for tubal imaging include use of colour doppler technology to demonstrate the movement of ultrasound contrast medium within the tube itself, while specialized media can be injected into the tubes to provide unequivocal evidence of tubal patency.

Sonohysterograms and hysterosalpingograms both had notorious reputations as painful tests, however, in experienced hands, these tests are well tolerated and cause minimal discomfort.
infertility clinics Mississauga, Brampton, Bolton, Milton, Toronto
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