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Treatments - Polar Body Biopsy
What is a polar body?
The polar body is a component of the female egg. It is not found in the human sperm. The first polar body is already present in the egg, before fertilization occurs. The second polar body is formed during the early part of fertilization. Polar bodies are needed for cellular division within the embryo. Polar bodies are gradually eliminated once the embryo is implanted and thus, the developing fetus doesn't contain polar bodies.

What is Polar Body Biopsy in PGD?
When extracted from the egg, the polar body carries genetic information from the female. Therefore, polar body biopsy is useful for decoding chromosomal disorders in the female only. While this is a useful test, it creates the need for further testing since genetic disorders carried by the father cannot be identified. Moreover, some chromosomal abnormalities actually develop during fertilization, which means they cannot be detected by this test. As a result, polar body biopsies have limited relevance in PGD testing, and are not the most preferred form of genetic testing in most IVF clinics.
infertility clinics Mississauga, Brampton, Bolton, Milton, Toronto
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