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infertility clinic Mississauga, Brampton, Bolton, Milton
  Fees List  
infertility infertility
reproductive technology Uninsured IVF Treatment Fees List 2017
reproductive technology Fertility Preservation of Gametes Price List 2017
reproductive technology IUI / TDI Insemination Price
List 2017
reproductive technology Male Procedures / Investigative Testing
reproductive technology Price List Block Fees
reproductive technology Uninsured Services
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Fees List - Uninsured IVF Treatments Price List for 2017
Uninsured IVF for Ontario Residents
First Cycle $9,000  
Egg Freezing Cycle $4,000  
Frozen Embryo Transfer $2,480  
Donated Embryo Cycle $3,500  

Egg Donor / Surrogate Cycles
Additional for Second Person Preparation $2,000  

Monitoring Cycle for Satellite Patients
(includes maximum of 5 clinic visits)

Additional Procedures Related to IVF
ICSI No additional cost  
Embryo Freezing No additional cost  
Assisted Hatching No additional cost  
Blastocysts Culture No additional cost  
Genetic Testing for Gametes - Embryo Biopsy
(Price of genetic analysis vary according to test)
(price list provided by Genetic Lab)
TDI / IVF (sample, administration and preparation)
(cost of using donor sperm for IVF)
Sperm Freezing Sample (for IVF use within three months)
(storage fee will apply if sample not used within three months)
Additional Frozen Samples
(sample produced 2-3 weeks from first sample
- storage fee will apply if sample not used within 3 months)
(surgical extraction of sperm - includes 3 months storage)

Freezing / Storage Fees
Annual storage of Sperm, Eggs or Embryos
(fees are pro-rated, minus a $100 administration fee)

Astra offers patients who don’t want to wait for government funding a “shared risk” program. Astra will share the financial loss with you if you are not clinically pregnant (gestational sac at 6 week ultrasound).

SHARED RISK Refund Policy
reproductive technology If you are not pregnant from your “shared risk” cycle, we will refund you half of the fees ($4300) provided you do not have any frozen embryos to use from the cycle. If you do have frozen embryos from your shared risk cycle, you must use all embryos from the shared risk cycle to attempt pregnancy. Frozen embryo transfer fees are applicable to each transfer cycle. Once all embryos have been used, and if you are not pregnant, you will then be refunded $4300.
infertility fees infertility fees
FET Refund Policy
reproductive technology If FET cycle is cancelled (no viable embryos) FET payment is refunded less $500.
infertility fees infertility fees
Please note
reproductive technology For non-funded, shared risk patients, all fees are payable before the start of the treatment cycle and before any service can be provided.
reproductive technology Please ensure you have booked an appointment with the IVF nurse to hand in the signed consents and pay fees.
reproductive technology All above prices will have 25% added for out of province and out of country patients.
reproductive technology For non-funded, shared-risk patients; IVF preparation is an extensive process involving education from different team members including teaching and counseling. A $500 preparation fee is included in the IVF fees. This amount is non-refundable and will be deducted from any applicable refund should you chose not to proceed with treatment.

** All prices are subject to change without notice.

Medication Price List
Gonal-F 450 IU $500  
Gonal-F 900 IU $975  
Orgalutran 250 IU $125  
Puregon 300 IU $350  
Puregon 600 IU $675  
Puregon 900 IU $1000  
Ovidrel $110  
Luveris $35  
Viagra $20  
MFD $29  
Needles (package) $20  

** Please buy your medications before your cycle start.
infertility fees infertility fees
Please note
reproductive technology Our prices are at least 10% less than any public pharmacy.
reproductive technology We offer free sharp disposal and no dispensing fees.
reproductive technology Drugs are available 7 days a week on site.
infertility clinics Mississauga, Brampton, Bolton, Milton, Toronto
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