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infertility clinic Mississauga, Brampton, Bolton, Milton
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Treatments - Donor Egg IVF
Donor egg IVF is a very successful option for achieving pregnancy when egg quality or ovarian response to stimulation repeatedly fails to retrieve enough healthy, mature eggs to produce healthy embryos. This can occur due to advanced age, genetic causes or premature ovarian failure due to surgery or chemotherapy. Often, choosing donor egg IVF can be a very difficult step for a couple. They may need time and appropriate counseling (both legal and psychological) before proceeding. Finding a suitable donor can be a challenge; however, we will guide and help you find a safe and suitable donor.

Donated frozen eggs are now commercially available and accessible through American egg cryobanks. In Canada, it is currently illegal to buy or sell eggs; however, a reasonable compensation for the donor is allowed. It is the donor who must receive fertility injections and undergo egg harvesting. After retrieving the donor’s eggs, they are subsequently fertilized by your partner’s sperm. The resulting embryos (1-2) will be transferred to your uterus after proper preparation. The remaining good quality embryos can be frozen for future need.
infertility clinics Mississauga, Brampton, Bolton, Milton, Toronto
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